Can you name all the flavors in our Gelato Giuliana medley?

Gelato Giuliana Medley of Flavors

Gelato Giuliana Medley of Flavors

Without a doubt, it’s fun to hand craft Gelato Giuliana flavors and you don’t have to limit yourself to just one favorite flavor. One Italian Tradition of serving gelato encourages variety.


Did you know the history of Gelato dates back to the 1500’s?

Journey to France: romance and adventure are involved in this story. Catherine de’ Medici, an Italian duchess, married a French Duke, Henry II, in 1553. Catherine enticed Giuseppe Ruggeri to bring his prized recipe for traditional artisan gelato to her husband’s delighted court in France. Nobility everywhere coveted this dessert.

Catherine de Medici with Gelato GIuliana

Catherine De Medici influenced the history of gelato…

Hence, the legend of  artisanal gelato may well originate from this era. Within a century, France became enamored with this delicacy and the popularity of “frozen snow” spread throughout Europe.

Ancient civilizations had already combined fruits and juice with snow saved in underground chambers or from snowfalls on mountain tops. In fact, there is a biblical reference of Isaac offering Abraham goat’s milk mixed with snow. Such a lovely clue to the myriad legends surrounding gelato!

Back to Italy:  As gelato gained favor in the French court, back home in Italy’s northern areas, folks of the Dolomit mountain area made gelato with milk, cream, sugar, eggs and natural flavors; in southern areas, Sicilian recipes favored less fat and stored the precious mixture in deep underground rooms. The recipes for “frozen snow” eventually spread from Europe around the world and to America. Artisan Gelato making is intertwined with Italian tradition.

As you may know, American Ice Cream is a totally different product and we will have more to say about that very soon.

Fast Forward in Italy: The Carpigiani Group  makes modern gelato machines and recently built a “gelato museum” in the small northern town of Anzola dell’Emilia, near Bologna.  Opened in 2012, the museum  showcases the history of gelato from antiquity to present. Our friend, Giuseppe Ruggeri would be charmed to know that his important contribution to the history of gelato is showcased in the museum along with vintage gelato machines, original recipes, memorabilia from Italian gelaterias, gelato labs and a gelato university. This incredible heritage informs the more recent history of Gelato Giuliana.

Gelato Giuliana Italian Tradition made fresh daily in New Haven CT

Cones were invented in the 1800’s making it easier to enjoy gelato.

Fast forward to New Haven CT: for now, suffice it to say that, Giuliana Maravalle, founder of Gelato Giuliana, inspired deeply by her native Italian heritage, brings the love of tradition, beautiful food, simple quality, and artisan craftsmanship to the Gelato Giuliana brand, giving this wonderful gelato its authenticity.

“Gelato is my passion!” she says. “Making gelato came about because I could not find quality gelato here in America, so I decided I would have to make it myself!”

With the increasing popularity and demand for her gelato, and an unstoppable, entrepreneurial desire to keep growing, Giuliana put together a team of partners who shared her vision for taste and perfection and opened a wholesale production facility in New Haven, CT.

Giuliana’s passion for quality and her rich heritage give life to a gelato that is recognized as a guarantee of refined gourmet pleasure that awakens the senses. Best, of all, you can find  a wide selection of Gelato Giuliana  flavors in many stores throughout this region.

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